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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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right now at five: not backing down from their message. another day of protests at airports ay are-- and across the nation... as the right now at 5:00.ges another day of protests at airports in the bay area and across the nation as the white house makes changes to the president's immigration ban. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy. people from seven predominantly muslim countries who hold green cards are vowing now to return to the u.s. they're looking to as soon as tomorrow reverse the anti-immigration executive
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order. >> several crowded into the rival terminal at sfo. we have team coverage for you starting with tom jen jensen. tom. >> reporter: this is a very vocal crowd. we have protesters up by gates a and g which for the past couple of hours have been closed down. people have not been able to get through. they've been rerouted. this has been a very loud group all day long. the crowd estimated at between 600 and 700 people chant in unison. american democracy in action, they say. a loud opposition to president trump's travel executive order and a cross section of what they say is, quote, what america really looks like. the daughter of an iraqi
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immigrant. >> i'm a fifgs here at ucsf in san francisco and i treat a lot of patients on this list. they're wonderful people who contribute to our city, our state, our economy. >> reporter: a retired teacher and his wife who have taught those immigrants. >> i receive how hard the parents worked. >> reporter: the lauers say they have been locked out and refused access to the wheel who have been detained at sfo. >> this is just ridiculous. these are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. >> reporter: and a promise from the people who started this movement. >> we're going to remain here until the executive order is repealed. >> reporter: a spokesman told the bay area that the goal today was to allow free speech here while not causing any delays in the travel.
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they say despite the size of the crowd and the volume, that goal was met. that's daily goal the airport may need to meet for a long time to come because organizers say they will continue these protests until the president completely removes the  immigration ban. we're live from sfo. thom jensen, bay airy news. >> they released a statement in part, we are making supplies available to travelers affected by this executive order as well as to the members of the public who have so bravely taken a stand against this action by speaking publicly in our facilities. they operate outside the jurisdiction of all airports, however, sfo is requesting a full briefing from the agency. once again protests are erupting both big and small across the country. let's look at dallas/ft. worth,
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philadelphia international and bradley international in connecticut. protester are outrage ioutraged. they're not backing down in response to president trump's ban at the airport. uber facing a serious backlash linked to these area protests. >> nbc bay area's christie smiih is behind me. >> reporter: this is where you'll find protesters. in a wait's kind of coming together this afternoon. we did find two riders who say they've been paying very close attention to the developments with the company uber and they say -- at least one of them has already deleted the uber app. the other plans to. i asked why. they give a number of reasons. they say the ceo is on the advisory panel with ties to the president and 'cording to a report uber was criticized
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yesterday for drivers at jfk new york. we spoke with an uber driver here at sfo a few minutes ago and a woman left here and said she deleted uber. >> i think that's the power that we have as a community who is trying to have him remove these powcies. >> i'm here for them. if they choose uber, that's fine, if they choose, lyft, i'm here. >> reporter: meantime the ceo says the order could hurt some of its driver. some might not be able to return to the country. they plan to help them and compensate them and he plans to raise his concern at president trump's business advisory group. that's the latest here. christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. >> all right. thank you very much. protesters took to the streets in san jose this afternoon to stand up against trump's new policies. nbc's marianne favro joins us live at city hall. marianne. >> reporter: there are 200 people who showed up at city hall and they're all very upset about trump's immigration policies. specifically they ear fighting against a move to prevent seven countries to leave. together, we will, san jose, organize a protest. >> personally i wanted san jose to come how and say we're against hate and discrimination whether that be virtual or systemic. >> reporter: many say the country of the united states is
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built by immigrants and to ban one group is un-american. the head of the evergreen islamic group was here at the protest. he talked to several employees who tell him they're afraid to leave the country on vacation for fear they won't be able to return to the u.s. this protest is just wrapping up tonight but many of the protesters here say they plan to describe up to san francisco and join protesters there tonight. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. well, tonight the president is responding to the chaos at airports saying his policy is similar to what president obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from iraq for six months. in a statement from the white house president trump said the seven are the same countries
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previously identified by the obama administration. to be clear this is not a muslim ban. he went on to say the executive order is not about religion but terror threats and keeping our country safe. mr. trump said his administration will release visas to all countries when they've secured more policies which should taken three months. he said his first priority will be to always protect our country and keep it safe, but that rngs quote, as president i'll try to find way to help all those who are suffered. >> since trump has taken office, it's been a roller coaster week. when we come back, we'll take a look back at the first week and what has happened over immigration in just the past few days. >> we're following breaking news. delta air lines says it is grounding all domestic flights.
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the company says it's automatici automaticishes. it was a week ago they grounded all flights because of a computer issue. volunteers were out again searching for an 18-year-old whosz car plunged into a creek. search crews found the car last weekend. found her clothes on monday burke still no signs of jenkins. yesterday crews were forced to suspend their search because of rising creek levels. about 100 volunteers including family missing, they're back today. >> safety is always an issue. but we have to be out here. we want to find her and bring her home.
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>> there are calls for caltrans to make that road safer. an investigation after police found a man. there was a person with severe injuries on the ground. it's under investigation. well, after a year of teetering, a home on the cliffside will start tearing down the home tomorrow. it was deemed uninhabitable last year. it was due to corrosion. city officials decided in december it needed to come down. the billing also contains hazardous materials. well, the bay area in way getting spoiled with this beautiful weather we've had. it's been so nice after the rain. >> after the rain.
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we deserved this. >> we've earned it. >> a live look right now at the scene just over the bay bridge. clear sky. the there are air quality issues. let check in with rob mayeda. >> right now, 61 degrees. in the north bay, light winds and high pressure acting a bit like a lid on top. would be to reverse the wind would be to get more wind. winds will turn quite strong, maybe some thunder and 2 to 3 inches of rain around the north bay which we think will mean
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another two to three feet of snow in the sierra. nothing on the radar, but a pretty impressive system as they're trying to to pour in. coming up, we'll give you the hour-by-hour forecast. seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, rob. noted. thank you so much. coming up next, still searching for answers 30 years after the disappearance of their daughter. how a family in the east bay is keeping their daughter's case in the spotlight. plus, taking a stand against the nomination for education. recovering from wounds, after an
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operation in yemen. ==take chy== the pentagon says an elite service memberas a u.s. service member is dead and others were injured. they had to make a hard landing and two additional servicemembers were injured. the pain remains as if it were yesterday. the family of a teenage girl who
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was kidnapped in dublin continues to search for her. she vanished off a street in 1989 while walking home from school. tomorrow marks the 28th year. they walk along the same route. >> we do this for her. it's not about us. it's for her. we don't want anybody to think we're not looking for her. >> there will be a prayer service. no more delays. the sierra lamar murder trial begins tomorrow. she disappeared five years ago. torres is facing the death penalty. they tell them there will be no more delays. on monday both sides will pick
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the eight alternate jurors and opening arguments will begin. >> this jury is going to hear nothing but damaging evidence against mr. torres. i is imperative for the defense to get their story out to this jury early so this jury has something to hang onto as this case moves forward. >> legal analyst steven clark says the opening arguments could be the most important. the trial begins at 9:00 in the morning. will have continuing coverage starting tomorrow on "today in the bay." and still ahead, a roller coaster week across the country. >> coming up, a look back on the ups and downs of president trump's first week in office. his campaign promised to shake
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things up. ==peggy 2 shot== president trump has been in office for one week now -- and it's been an eventful and at times emotional week for the his campaign promise to change things up. >> president trump has been in office for one week now. it ee been at times eventful. >> reporter: donald trump took the oath of office promising to shake up washington and while actions normally speak louder than words, when you're the president of the united states words are action and trump stayed true to his in the first frenetic week. he was basking in the spotlight why his press secretary went out to speak to the crowd. >> it was the largest, period, both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: by sunday, chaos.
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>> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving sean spicer our press secretary alternative facts. >> reporter: monday he said he lost popular vote because of voter fraud. fellow republicans were not impressed. >> this is going to erode his ability to run this country if he does not stop it. >> reporter: on tuesday the real plan began. >> we will build our own pipelines and pipes like we used. >> >> reporter: wednesday with the stroke of a pen, his first step toward making his campaign promise a reality. >> immediate construction of a border wall. >> the commander in chief also stepping up immigration enforcement. >> i'm asking all ow you to
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envoy the laws of the united states of america. >> thursday, a firestorm of paper. the mexican president saying no way. then around immediate reversal. chief of staff calling it a buffet of options. friday is his first meeting with the foreign minister. before he called for the shutdown of seven different countries. president obama for good or for hin. education activists around the bay area are planning a rally.
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organizers say teachers, parents, and students will come to show support. land least it. will did it. how about this, something that turned bittersweet. the girls went inside for just a minute only to return to find someone took all of their lemons as well as cash and a stuffed animal. after hearing about it. a toy show donated this stuffed animal, the store donated a crate full of lemons and the police officers dough naded $50
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to them. >> until the rain getting here, i'm going to enjoy what we have. >> there are a few spots that may get close to 70 tomorrow. south of hose. look at the view there. you see the sun setting there off to the west. 61 in san jose. notice the hazy skies we have and above. it's like being in a room and you lower the roof and you see in. there's no wood burned therein sew sunday. we'll see high testimonies.
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a bit cooler due to fog setting up in the morning. midway into fran and hots making their way. rain at times, scattered showers. things do look dry but what we have setting up for the middle part of the week will be wind gusts, we think up to 45 milen an hour most of the bay area, a half an inch of rain. it may still bring you down trees and power outages. it's a week from tomorrow. we eemg are getting creative.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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set, for the new engld patriots all right. gearing up for one week away. that's when super bowl li will be under way and a rg stadium i all set to battle. they'll be playing in their record ninth big game. >> they're up against the falcons on the other hand playing in just their second super bowl. so needless to say the falcons
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and fans are ecstatic to be playing next sunday. big day for them. for many the super bowl wouldn't be as much fun. more than -- how much money do you think they bet on this super bowl? >> $4 billion. $4 billion. depending on who wins it, consider some of these so-called prop betting for the game like what color hoodie will patriots coach bill belichick wear and mr. lady gaga make an anti-trump statement during her performance? >> so many are hope to see the falcons win, something different. shake it up. maybe i'll go with his hoodie. >> are you going with white? >> i'm going with green. coming up in the next half hour, another day of turmoil at airports across the country.
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